A bright and fun 21st cake

The brief was one that was right up my alley…

No bows, no pink, no flowers, not formal, nice and bright but not garish…. Yep I thought, this will suit me just fine!  And only having 4 days to get it all together for 70 people was a challenge in itself, but I did achieve!

Happy 21st Stella! The figurine was a last minute addition, and is a representation of the birthday girl’s field of study – Chemistry.  A lab coat and a conical flask with exploding spirals of colours behind her made for that something extra on the top.

The cake itself is a 10″ and 7″ dark chocolate mud cake with white chocolate/raspberry ganache between the layers of cake, and dark chocolate ganache on the outside and around the cake. Covered in fondant and lots of stripes!  The chemist figurine is made of fondant, and will set hard and be able to be kept.



I loved making this cake – it was bright and fun (and I learned to love my steel ruler that little bit more), and the birthday girl and all her party people thoroughly enjoyed it.


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