There is no standard pricing for a cake, as it really depends on what you are after, type of cake and icing, the type and quantity of decorations, and how many tiers. As a guideline, you can have cake starting prices as follows. Each cake has a minimum 2 layers of cake, with either a ganache or buttercream between the layers.

6″ single tier – start from $50

8″ single tier – start from $100

10″ single tier – start from $150

2 tier cakes – start from $180 (depending on cake size)

3 tier cakes – start from $280 (depending on cake size)

Cupcakes – start from $3.00 each for 1 dozen.

Custom made figurines – starting from $20 each

DIY cake decorating kits (contains 6 x 2″ figurines and instructions) from $50.

Novelty cakes – price will depend on shape, complexity and size.

Many people think that its ‘just’ a cake – but some cakes have hours of work put into them to create something that you will love and remember.

If you would like a quote, then please email me at and I will happily discuss your requirements.

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